The guildmaster’s house in Reapers March is open to be accessed by guild members. It currently contains 3 DPS test skeletons, a full set of crafting stations and both a banker and merchant assistant that everyone is welcome to use.

To access the guild house simply travel to the primary residence of nick_dean14 from the guild roster screen. This can be done at any time, even when he’s not currently online.

The Guild house is a group effort, so if you have any items you would like us to display or use to decorate it, please feel free to mail them to the guildmaster. All those that contribute to decorating the house will, upon request, be given decorator access.

We are currently looking to collect:

  • Lighting & decoration for the stable/crafting station area
  • Long, single height shelves to hold vet dungeon busts
  • Dwarven Construct Repair Parts, from the weekly ‘Halls of Fabrication’ coffer, to help build a Centurion DPS test dummy

Warning: Decorator access may be removed by anyone that abuses their powers (we’ve had more than enough flying horses already!)