Group Requirements

  • The only requirement to join groups for normal dungeons are a positive attitude and a willingness to learn (or help others learn) the dungeons mechanics.
  • Veteran dungeons require players to have completed and understand the mechanics from the respective non-veteran version of that dungeon.
  • To join an organised group for a non-veteran trial, we ask for you to have 160 champion points, and be working towards completing a full set of appropriate 160cp gear.
  • To join an organised group for a veteran trial, you need to have a minimum of 350 champion points and a complete, appropriate, set of 160cp gear, improved to at least epic quality.
  • To take part in Scoreboard-Sunday groups you need to have reached the champion point cap and have complete sets of legendary max level gear. Priority will be given to those that regularly take part in guild events, are able to run specific classes/builds that help optimise the group, and have the highest DPS.

If you are interested in getting started with trials and are looking for general advice about what gear would be best for you to work towards, please check out our post on getting started with trials.


Headsets, microphones and voice chat

Some of ESO’s content requires a considerable amount of coordination and teamwork between all the members of a group. For this reason, our guild operates a mic’s optional but preferred rule and a no need to talk, but essential to listen in rule for the guild chat when taking part in the following group content:

  • City of Ash II (Veteran mode only)
  • All 4-player DLC dungeons (Normal and Veteran modes)
  • Dragonstar Arena (Normal and Veteran modes)
  • All 12-player trails (Normal and Veteran modes)


Guild Ranks and Promotion

  • When a new player joins the guild they will start out with the ‘Recruit’ rank.
  • Any Recruits that successfully complete a non-veteran trial in a group led by the Guildmaster or an Officer will be promoted to a ‘Trialist’
  • Any Trialist’s that successfully complete a veteran trial in a group led by the Guildmaster or an Officer will be promoted to a ‘Veteran Trialist’
  • When a Veteran Trialist has successfully completed every trial in a group led by the Guildmaster or an Officer, they will be promoted to a ‘Master Trialist’
  • Officer status will only be granted to long-standing active guild members, at the discretion of the Guildmaster.


Complaints, Disciplinary Measures and Guild Removal

  • Any guild members that experience or overhear behaviour they believe to be unacceptable or offensive should privately send a PSN message to one of the guilds officers
  • The guild works on a ‘second chance’ system, whereby offending guild member will be given a formal warning, in private, that certain behaviours are unacceptable. If any inappropriate behaviour continues, the offending guild member will be removed from the guild.
  • If, following a warning, a player makes noticeable attempts to correct the problems and continues to be an active and friendly member of the community, the warning may be ‘wiped clean’ at the discretion of the Guildmaster and Officers.
  • In exceptional cases of offensive/bad conduct, players may be removed from the guild with immediate effect, without receiving a warning.
  • Raising queries or politely highlighting mistakes made by your guild mates is extremely helpful, but anyone that gets angry, or attacks other guild members (rightly or wrongly) when things don’t go to plan, will receive a warning for unacceptable behaviour.
  • Any players found to be exploiting unintended glitches or in game mechanics will receive a warning. Continuing to exploit, or helping others to exploit will result in immediate removal from the guild.
  • Any players found to be ripping off other guild members (for gold, items or materials) in return for assistance completing content, or providing any other assistance will receive a warning, refusal to return those items when asked will result in immediate removal.
  • Any player that is inactive for more than 1 month, without previously notifying a guild officer the reason, will be removed from the guild.
  • If you have serious ongoing concerns regarding the in-game performance of another guild member, please contact a guild officer highlighting your concerns, so these can be addressed and the required help provided.


If any guild members bump into a particularly friendly or helpful guild mate, wether they were simply welcoming and friendly, or they went above-and-beyond by (for example) helping craft some gear, making some potions or food, giving good advice on skills, or guiding some less experienced players through new content, the officers would love to hear about it. This sort of information not only lets us know that people are enjoying the work that has been put into setting up the guild, but also gives us food for though when it comes to considering players for Officer-ship.