If you are interested in joining Tamriel Trials Team please fill out and submit the information below. All successful applications will be sent a guild invite by using the PSN ID you provide, so please ensure that these are entered accurately.

Please include the following information in the ‘Character(s) details’ field

  • Current level/champion points
  • Characters role (Healer/Tank/Stamina DPS/Magika DPS)
  • Characters race
  • Characters class
  • Current gear setup (including set name, traits, and quality)
  • Notable achievements (Master crafter/trials experience/stormproof/flawless conqueror etc.)

The final two pieces of information do not need to be submitted if your only character is below level 50. If you have several characters, please only provide details of your best or ‘main’ character for each role (DPS, Healer and Tank). Any applications not following this format will be ignored. Repeatedly spamming applications without significant improvement to your characters setup will cause all future applications to be deleted on receipt.

By submitting an application, it is implied that you have read and agree to follow the guild’s guidelines.