Here is a brief list of links that will be extremely helpful for all new and aspiring Elder Scrolls Online players.


Elder Scrolls Online Official Forums – Zenimax’s official forum for the Elder Scrolls Online. Whilst, like many games official forums, its prone to excessive levels of whine and rage, it is the go-to place for official announcements about where the game is headed. First and foremost, these include posts about upcoming DLC’s and patch notes which detail upcoming bug fixes and class and skill balance changes. It is also home to the Guild’s original recruitment thread!

Elder Scrolls Online Wiki – The ESO Wiki is really helpful source of information on almost everything to do with ESO, including summaries of specific skills, armour sets and important locations, such as where to find all the skyshards and lorebooks required to help level up your characters.

Alcast HQ – Alcast is an extremely high level PvE and PvP player on the EU PC server of Elder Scrolls Online who’s content focuses primarily on 12-player trials content. He regularly publishes tried and tested character builds with which it is possible to clear the very hardest content in the game, and can provide extremely helpful inspiration for how to set up your character. He also has a successful YouTube channel

Deltia’s Gaming – Deltia’s gaming is another invaluable source for information on character builds. He also extensively covers all aspects of the game, including details on any newly announced updates, PvE, PvP, guides and lots more. A one-stop shop for anyone that wants to know how to improve in ESO! Delta also run’s a very successful YouTube channel.