Tamriel Trials Team run several regular events each week. Most of these activities are open to all members, but the specific requirements for some of the more competitive events can be found here. For full details, see the in-game message of the day.


Training Monday’s

These practice sessions are open to all guild members of the ‘recruit’ and ‘trialist’ rank, who want to start getting to grips with trials and dungeons. Our veteran trialists are asked to take a step back from these groups to allow newer or less experienced players to get to grips with new content in a group of players with a similar experience level, under the guidance of a guild officer. We don’t pre-plan specific dungeons or trials for these sessions, the content will be tailored around the number and needs of players that jump into the guild chat.

Thursday Trials

Every Tursday evening we complete a couple of relaxed runs of a set trial. These are almost always on normal difficulty and are primarily to collect pieces of gear and relax with other guild mates, but we regularly stop and explain boss mechanics to anyone that is new to that particular trial. These sessions are open to all members, regardless of level or experience.

Free-for-all Friday’s

Probably our busiest groups are run late on Friday evenings, These generally end up being runs through 12-player veteran trials, depending on who turns up and what people fancy doing, but some times end up as training runs for new guildies, or people that want to speed run through normal difficulty trials or dungeons to farm for gear. Sometimes, we manage to do all of the above! Most weeks we aim to run a non-veteran group, which normally starts at 8pm (20:00 UK time) followed by a veteran group that kicks off around 10pm (22:00 UK time) and go on throughout the night.

Set Farming Saturday’s

A less rigidly organised event where we pick one or two best-in-slot pieces of gear each week, and guild members help each other repeatedly clear the required dungeon, trial or over-world content and share the loot. Aimed at improving the performance of each individual member of the guild so that we can collectively improve our performance in the trials. Groups are organised through the guild text-chat throughout the day.

Score-board Sunday’s

Despite the name, our Sunday groups are not always dedicated to leaderboard runs! At the moment, as the guild is growing and improving together we dedicate our Sunday trials runs to mastering 12-player content that we have not yet finished as a group. Whilst anyone is welcome to drop in, spaces in the group are prioritised for our most dedicated, best equipped, highest DPS, max-level guild members. Whenever the weekly leaderboard  matches one of the 12-player trials that we have been regularly clearing, we aim for a leaderboard score, on those weeks were it does not, we practice the veteran and veteran hard-mode 12-player content that we are yet to finish as a group. These groups normally get started at around 18:30 (UK time) on Sunday evening’s.

Pledges and Pick-up groups

Guild members run the daily Undaunted pledges each and every day, at all the available difficulty levels and there are regular requests for members looking to organise non-veteran trials groups through the guild text chat. Whilst this is also easily achieved through the group finder or zone chat, the guilds text chat is full of lots of experienced players that are normally very willing to help people out. In our eye’s, there’s nothing worse than being in groups where people are repeatedly AFK or getting kicked for no real reason, and guild chat is the perfect way to make sure you find good, friendly players to play with.

Each week the specific details of which trials or dungeons will be run during these organised sessions is detailed on the guilds in-game ‘message of the day’ and on the ‘Upcoming Events’ page of the website.