Tamriel Trials Team

PvE Guild for the Elder Scrolls Online – PS4 EU Server

About our guild

Tamriel Trials Team is a guild that focuses on organising regular groups for trials, dungeons and other PvE content on the Playstation 4 EU megaserver of the massively multiplayer online game Elder Scrolls Online. We are always on the lookout... Continue Reading →

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Trials – Getting Started

Wether you're brand new to PvE, looking to make the step up to veteran dungeons or considering taking the plunge into your first trial, this post will try to cover all the basics to make sure you have a solid foundation to... Continue Reading →

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Upcoming Events…

Here is a calendar showing all of our upcoming scheduled events. Follow these links for an event description or to see any entry requirements.   For the most up to date details, please consult the guilds in-game message of the day.

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Our Guild house

The guildmaster's house in Reapers March is open to be accessed by guild members. It currently contains 3 DPS test skeletons, a full set of crafting stations and both a banker and merchant assistant that everyone is welcome to use.... Continue Reading →

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